I would like to choose the box set of every single song
recorded between 1926 and 29
by the Hot 5s and the Hot 7s led by Louis Armstrong.
I’d love the JSP edition, but the Sony would be fine.

Is that not a compilation?

Yes. That’s why it’s called “The Complete.”

That makes sense. But still. It’s risky.

It may be risky, but regardless, I repeat - I would like -

No. (SHIFT) That the Magic Baby Pool does not allow.

It’s true. I tried!

So you must choose again. Choose again, now.

But why? Why?!?

You tell me what I can have, but I don’t believe you.
(You can’t have it!)

You tell me nonono, But I say yesyesyes
(You can’t have it!)

You say it’s against the rules
(The rules!)

You say you understand Magic Baby Pool

But I want what I want. The choice is mine. I want what I want.
(You can’t have it!) (You can’t have it!)

But I want what I want. At least let me try. I want what I want.
(You can’t have it!) (You can’t have it!)

If you’re going to be that way, I’ll take Charles Mingus!


from 5 things, and Other Le Petomane Favorites, released November 10, 2012



all rights reserved


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