We can’t really sing about flying
Or magic’lly soaring through the air
For the fingers of copyright lawyers
Are long and they reach everywhere

Far far away there’s a land, they say
Where the tales of your childhood remain
Untouched by the people who swipe them wholesale
From their home in the public domain

But to say any more spoils the magic
Of the magical stories that we share
And we shouldn’t really even say “magic”
For the fingers of copyright lawyers ...are everywheeeeeeeeeere!


from 5 things, and Other Le Petomane Favorites, released November 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble Louisville, Kentucky

Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble is "Louisville's finest alternative theater company," according to some, and even if we don't all spell theatre/er the same way, we know what we like. We like funny. Often there's original music in our shows. Care to download some? ... more

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